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COVID-19 and Massage Therapy

What a ride this COVID-19 pandemic is and has been for all of us!

Many of us are looking forward to resuming at least some of our normal habits, routines, and pleasures! Massage can help reset our nervous systems and bring us a little peace and calmness in these uncertain times, and we’d all like some of that. Still, we must not believe the virus is gone, and to remain healthy we must venture out alert and smart.

  • While there’s still a lot we don’t know about this virus, we do know that it’s highly contagious, can be life threatening, and it affects people in different ways. From what I understand, for most people who test positive, it’s like a flu with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. For the others, consequences can be significant including hospitalization, life-long damage, or possible death . Most people who have significant consequences are in the high-risk group. If you have any concerns and especially if you are a high-risk individual please, before your massage, have a conversation with your primary care physician regarding the benefits of massage for you at this time.

  • It is currently believed the primary way this virus is spread is through direct inhalation of active viral droplets released while someone is talking, coughing, or even just breathing. These same droplets can also land on nearby surfaces and be picked up by those who touch that surface and then touch their eyes, nose, or mouth before washing their hands.

  • Also, a significant number of people who are positive have no symptoms at all and they can include seniors. Studies show that asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people are the primary spreaders of this virus throughout the world.

What does this mean for massage?

I can’t eliminate the risks of COVID, but with your help, we can reduce them. To follow our federal, state, and county health departments’ requirements, this mean of that at least for a while, some processes have changed to help protect you as well as me. I know we all want to remain healthy!

In summary, it means:

  • Changes in the Sick Policy, mindful awareness, monitoring, and transparency regarding our health, and a commitment to notify me if you should become ill in the days before or after your session. It also means that should I need to quarantine for any reason, I will notify recent clients and cancel upcoming sessions until I’m cleared to work again.
  • Modifying protocols during your massage include wearing face coverings during your entire session, hand washing and use of hand sanitizer.
  • Sanitation with a disinfectant of the massage table and face cradle, stools, other frequently touched surfaces including the bathroom area between each client.

Remember, we will get through this. We just need to be more careful while this virus is active in our community! 

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